Bridges has embraced the growing demand for green technologies and sustainable solutions in construction. Bridges has an accredited LEED professional and has trained all of its superintendents and project managers in LEED concepts.

Bridges excels in providing sustainable projects and provides management and leadership in obtaining the U.S. Green Building Concil’s LEED certifications for projects by focusing on:

  • Recycling – our projects have achieved up to 95% waste diversion rates for demolition
  • Sustainable materials – we track all qualified materials to be used on LEED project to ensure that requirements are met and that chain of custody is provided
  • Indoor Air Quality  -we own our own negative air machines and work closely with design professionals and HVAC contractors to enable compliance
  • Low VOC materials – our project managers and superintendents check the submittals and then follow up closely with field operations to provide compliance
  • Energy Efficiency – we have pioneered the use of LED lighting for office spaces working closely with Bayer Material Science products and Lightolier/Phillips
  • Water Usage – we work closely with the design professionals and the plumbing contract to specify, install and document low flow fixtures
  • Commissioning – during and after construction we document systems performance and rebalance and calibrate the systems to ensure energy efficiencies.

These are just some of the highlights of our LEED experience.  For more information contact Mark Davis.