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Construction Management

As Construction Managers, BRIDGES’ experienced team works closely with you and all your staff, architects, engineers, and contractors to help develop and oversee your project from concept to completion, optimizing costs savings, increasing productivity, and improving project quality.  As Construction Manager, BRIDGES will:

  • Provide “checks and balances” with your architect throughout the design phase.
  • Develop cost estimates and establish your project budget or GMP.
  • Establish a time model, scheduling activities and approvals.
  • Perform value engineering and life cycle costs projections.
  • Prepare cash flow estimates for investment forecasts.
  • Stimulate competitive bidding to assure quality and economy.
  • Phase construction to assure early completion.
  • Manage and control project costs.
  • Utilize an online based project management system to organize and distribute project related information efficiently.
  • Establish safety goals and monitor labor.
  • Meet minority pacticipant goals. 
  • Furnish continuous project inspection to meet quality control standards and sustainable LEED goals.