Hiring BRIDGES as your general contractor ensures you have top management involvement from project conception to completion.  BRIDGES assigns a project manager and assembles the best-suited team for your needs.  Our talented, field-trained staff brings decades of hands-on experience, common sense and practical, on-site construction expertise to your project.

As general contractor, BRIDGES will:

  • Provide a comprehensive project budget early in the design phase.
  • Bid your project competitively, through all subcontractors and suppliers.
  • Develop cost reductions, through aggressive teamwork, QAP and Partnering.
  • Maintain tight budget schedules and time controls, using LEED, QAP and partnering.
  • Monitor construction, labor costs and job site safety constantly.
  • Control the schedule, quality, and cost savings with hands-on management at the site.
  • Prepare current computer-generated status reports on costs, progress and scheduling, through our project information system.
  • Ensure efficient data management and distribution through a secure FTP site.
  • Establish safety goals and monitor.
  • Furnish continuous project inspection to meet quality control standards and sustainable LEED goals.